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Archive: Pack Your Bags for a Budget-Friendly Luxurious Vacation

Let’s face it: We try and dress like them on a budget, follow their personal lives in Tabloid magazines, idolize them on TV, and drool over their material possessions. We can’t help but feel a little jealous when we see what amazing places celebs vacation to (like private islands and ultra exclusive hideaway resorts). We’d love to charter a private yacht around the South of France like Mr. and Mrs. Carter (Jay Z &amp; Beyonce) did, but most of us don’t exactly have $40 million laying around.

As a devout bargainista with a strong sense of taste for all things that sparkle, I couldn’t help myself on, a travel site with awesome, all-inclusive vacation packages for as little as $1.00 fit for P Diddy!

On LuxuryLink, you’ll find villas and all inclusive resorts at an auction style sale with prices as low as $1.00.

LuxuryLink also has secret getaways in the same fashion runs, which sounds like such a gamble but with such fabulous standard resorts to chose from like the Four Seasons and the Ritz-Carlton, this is about the only time I’d suggest that you put all your $$ on the table and roll the dice.

Check my Pinterest board, “In My Suitcase" to view all my picks for essential vacay pieces to pack.

(Archive) 4/28/2011: Does Louboutin Have a Heel to Stand On?

Christian Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent are two fashion house brands that are undeniably synonymous with ultra-luxury. The two giants went head to head in a high fashion legal battle brought on by Louboutin over YSL’s alleged use of the semelle rouge; the red sole trademarked by Louboutin.

His 1992 trademark application read:

"I incorporated the red sole into the design of my shoes. This happened by accident as I felt that the shoes lacked energy so I applied red nail polish to the sole of a shoe. This was such a success that it became a permanent fixture."

The shoe in question is YSL’s tone-on-tone color concept. The concept features an identical shade for the suede covering the shoe that matches the sole. Louboutin is alleging that the shoe is “virtually identical” to his own signature style and ordered the French fashion label to stop production and remove all of its red-soled shoes from store shelves.

Both designer shoes are sold side-by-side at some of the same high-end luxury fashion stores such as Barneys New York. According to court documents, Louboutin’s complaint stated that the “defendants’ use of a red sole on their infringing footwear threatens to mislead the public, and has impaired the plaintiffs’ ability to control their reputation.” Louboutin seeks a court injunction against YSL’s sale of its shoes, as well as damages in excess of $1 million.

Yves Saint Laurent has established its namesake as a contemporary luxury brand with tasteful yet cutting-edge concepts. Lately, YSL has stolen some serious spotlight in the luxury footwear scene with styles such as the towering Tribute and Tribtoo heel, a favorite amongst celebs like Victoria Beckham.

The Louboutin and YSL designs are quite distinctive – as are their inside and bottom sole branding. Louboutin’s legal allegations offend luxury shoppers around the world suggesting they’re incapable of identifying one brand from the other.

Suggesting that YSL is piggybacking Louboutin’s product and market ignores the reality that YSL is a storied house on its own and continues to rise with a whopping $9 million generated by the brand over the last financial year in accessories alone. 

There are more serious legal implications to consider for this case; Should Revlon sue Mr. Louboutin for his “accidental” use of the red nail polish? Also, if Mr. Louboutin really wanted to defend the integrity of his semelle rouge, he should start by suing every red sole under the sun and consider taking legal action against Italian Luxury designer, Versace for their use of the red sole. (

Yves Saint Laurent is probably turning over in his grave with all this absurdity brought on by Louboutin’s allegations and accusations.

Quarter Century Birthday Celebration

Totally feeling beyond loved for the past few days of celebrating me with my loved ones. xxoo

Ghost face #killah. @romajshah 💋

Ghost face #killah. @romajshah 💋

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